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Blackstone Benefits Program

Every day we receive phone calls from patients who have lost their dental insurance coverage due to changes at work, unaffordable premiums, or retirement.  After hearing the stories of our patients, we wanted to do something to help.  We've also noticed the trend that people without insurance put off dental care until something hurts, or there is a problem.  At that point, usually the treatment that is needed becomes much more expensive, and sometimes unaffordable.  That's why we've created the Blackstone Benefits Program.

With the Blackstone Benefits Program, you receive discounted rates on your dental care without having to pay a monthly premium.  We have also worked with local banks to make it easier for you to set up a health savings account (HSA) to put away tax-free money for your dental care.  So don't put off taking care of your smile!  Call us today at 801-278-0458 to learn more about our Blackstone Benefits Program.

Click HERE to enroll today!

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