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Dental Implants

Implants Salt Lake City Dentist 

In the past, if teeth were missing they would be replaced with dentures, partial dentures, or bridges.  Patients would have to deal with a mouth full with plastic denture, the taste of metal from a partial denture, or the difficulty in cleaning under a bridge.  Often these prosthetics became "three teeth solutions to a one tooth problem."


Today with the technology and advancements in implant dentistry, there are more options than ever before!  We can solve a "one tooth problem, with a one tooth solution."  For those missing multiple teeth, the solutions with dental implants allow for a comfortable and natural replacement.  Patients no longer have to deal with the altered taste, speech, and lowered self-esteem that come from wearing a denture. 


At Blackstone Dental, we offer affordable dental implant solutions that look natural, feel comfortable, and give you back the function of a healthy smile.  We utilize laser technology to prevent post operative pain and discomfort.  We also use IV and concious sedation to make sure you are comfortable your procedure. 



A bridge that failed can be replaced with an implant.

Follow the experience of Dr. Sundberg receiving his own first implant!

"I don't have the correct phrase that says 'Thank You' enough!  Self esteem is a priceless gift!  Thanks to all of you!"  - Collette M.

A Single tooth that had been missing for years. 

*All dental work shown above was performed by the Doctors at Blackstone Dental. 

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