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Dr. Brian Black 

Dr. William Sundberg

Meet Us

Dr. Sundberg

Blackstone Dental is located just off of I-215 and Highland Drive. We are easily accessible from anywhere in the valley. We pride ourselves in being an "all under one roof dentist." We provide a variety of procedures from check-up's and cleanings, to fillings and cosmetic procedues, to wisdom teeth, dental implants, and IV sedation. If you're looking for comprehensive dental care, we are the office for you. 

Our Mission Statement: 

"Our purpose is to provide high quality, comfortable dentistry that looks great, feels great and lasts a long time." 


We value honesty, kindness, professionalism, and accuracy. We believe that these values incorporate into our mission statement and help us remember what true purpose we serve as your healthcare providers. We pride ourselves in being able to help our patients in a variety of ways and enjoy creating a deeper relationship with them other than just being their dentist. 

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